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Electricity in White Plains

A guide to the City of White Plains' deregulated energy market, information about the local utility's basic service and rates, and alternative electricity buying options for White Plains residents and business owners.

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Topics covered
  • 1.
    White Plains' energy market
  • 2.
    Utility companies
  • 3.
    Basic utility service & rates
  • 4.
    Electricity deregulation
  • 5.
    Community Choice Electricity
  • 6.
    Utility vs. supplier
  • 7.
    Shop electricity suppliers
  • 8.
    Save money & support renewable energy

White Plains' energy market

White Plains is a city in Westchester County, New York with a population of almost 60,000 people. It's the commercial hub of Westchester, boasting numerous corporate HQs from Danone North America to Heineken USA to Nine West, in addition to being the main home of the New York Power Authority (NYPA), the largest state public power utility in the country. Fordham University and Pace University also have campuses in White Plains, and there are multiple medical centers affiliated with the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. With all that activity in the residential, commercial and institutional sectors, it's crucial that White Plains maintains a reliable energy grid.

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White Plains utility companies

White Plains' main utility companies delivering electricity, gas and water are:

  • Electricity: Con Edison
  • Gas: Con Edison
  • Water: The City of White Plains Water Department (Bureau of Water & Wastewater)

About White Plains' basic utility electricity service & rates

For many White Plains' residents, you're on the local utility's basic service offering and receiving their basic service supply rate—or you may be receiving the Community Choice rate if available. But these offerings may not be the cheapest electricity rates out there, nor is the energy you're getting always backed by the greenest sources available.

Learn about basic service utility rate

Electricity deregulation in White Plains

As an energy customer in White Plains, you're not forced to pay your utility's basic service rate for electricity. Deregulation introduced a competitive electricity supplier marketplace where you can shop for a lower-priced plan or an eco-friendlier plan.

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Community Choice Electricity in White Plains

Community Choice Electricity, sometimes called Community Choice Aggregation or municipal electricity aggregation, is when city, town, or community officials negotiate a plan with an electric supplier on behalf of all their residents and businesses.

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Utility company vs. electricity supplier

It's a common misconception that utility companies are handling every aspect of your electricity. In fact, third-party suppliers, as well as the part of the utility company responsible for default basic service, are both buying up electricity supply. Then the utility is the one delivering your electricity and billing you for it.

What is a utility company?

Utility companies own the equipment and deliver your electricity—they're also required by state law to offer a basic service offering to customers who do not choose their own supplier

Shopping White Plains' electricity supplier marketplace

Thanks to New York's energy deregulation, White Plains residents aren't forced to pay the utility's basic service electricity rate. Shopping the electricity supplier marketplace is the best way to find savings or upgrade to cleaner energy. But the process can be time-consuming and confusing.

  • Supply rates go up and down and need your constant attention.

  • You have to compare tons of contracts and analyze fine print.

  • You have to watch out for misleading introductory rates and price hikes.

  • Switching your plan can be a headache: possibly waiting on hold or hustling with customer service.

Perch handles all of that for you. We're always looking out for you, your wallet, and the environment.

Save money on electricity, support renewable energy in White Plains with Perch

Perch can help you find a cleaner electricity plan for your home or business, for less

  • We analyze your electric bill to understand your current costs.

  • You tell us your preferred energy preference; either a 100% clean plan backed by renewable sources, or a mixed plan backed by part renewables, part fossil fuels.

  • We monitor the supply marketplace to find you a lower rate than similar options in your area, based on your preference.

  • We regularly switch you to better plans when they become available in accordance with your agreement.

  • You won't notice any interruptions to your service—our automated matching technology seamlessly works behind the scenes.

  • You still just get one bill from your utility.

Perch has collaborated with the City of White Plains, the NYPA and DSD Renewables on a community solar project to help residents lower their electricity costs and support clean energy

  • Perch will help you subscribe to the recently built White Plains community solar project (subject to eligibility).

  • While you won't be receiving solar electricity directly to your home, you'll be supporting the addition of more solar power to the overall energy mix on the grid—fighting climate change by lessening your city's reliance on dirty, harmful fossil fuels.

  • In exchange for supporting operations of that solar farm, you'll receive a discount on your electricity bill in the form of credits.

  • You're guaranteed to see annual savings on your electricity cost thanks to the credits.

Get matched to a local solar farm and save on your electricity costs.