With Perch, energy service and technology veterans expand access to clean power through community solar and a direct-to-consumer energy platform

Boston, MA -- Perch Energy (or “Perch”), a Boston-based clean energy tech and services company with years of experience as a leading solar servicer, launches as an independent company focused on accelerating access for customers to community solar and renewable energy. Spinning off of BlueWave Solar, Perch will build upon its successful, industry-leading community solar services and management platform, add talent and resources to expand its innovative direct-to-consumer energy platform, and scale its community solar services business into a growing list of U.S. markets.

To date, Perch has enabled more than 6,300 community solar subscriptions for homes, businesses, and municipalities, providing more than $9.7 million in customer savings. As a trusted resource to the solar industry with an established customer and revenue base, Perch offers a diverse set of products and services for the management of community solar projects as well as for homeowners, renters, and businesses seeking cost-effective choices for supporting clean energy.

Informed by the team's experience spanning 500 MW of contracted capacity, Perch Energy provides several innovative solutions that ensure community solar projects reach their subscription goals. By combining a comprehensive suite of community solar services—from acquisition support and credit management to customer service support and detailed reporting—Perch serves as a one-stop shop for asset owners' needs.

Perch also recently launched its direct-to-consumer digital platform that offers greater choice in clean energy options and exceptional value through continuous market analysis. Through Perch, homeowners and renters instantly gain full transparency into the current clean energy prices available to them locally.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of expanding access to community solar and clean energy, and soon, to communities that have been historically deprived of energy choice,” said Ravi Thuraisingham, acting CEO of Perch Energy. “We look forward to bringing our tools for easier access to renewable energy to more communities.”

About Perch Energy
Perch Energy is a Boston-based clean energy tech and services company that offers a diverse set of products and services for homeowners, renters, businesses, and solar farm owners. From Perch's community solar project support team, which is dedicated to effective customer onboarding, billing, and engagement, to its automated platform which makes it easy for customers to customize their energy mix and savings — Perch is on a mission to make clean energy options more accessible, more affordable and more equitable for all. Learn more at www.perchenergy.com.

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