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We're a platform with purpose

Perch isn't just a for-profit company, we're a for-purpose company—transforming access to renewable energy and making it more affordable.

Our mission

We help people protect the planet by making cleaner energy options more accessible, more affordable and more equitable for all.

Our offerings

Together, we create changes
We offer a set of products and services for homeowners, renters, businesses and solar farm owners.
For homes

Get community solar, save on your electric bill

All the benefits of solar, no rooftop panels required. Renters and homeowners, join a local solar farm and save on your electric bill over time while supporting renewable energy.

Get retail electricity, save on your electric bill

Homeowners and renters, access a cleaner electricity supply or cost-savings. Reduce your home's carbon footprint automatically—and affordably.

For business

Save with community solar

Businesses, schools, hospitals, municipalities: Help generate clean energy for your community, meet your sustainability goals and get savings over time on your bill.

For solar farm owners

Acquire and manage customers

Our effective solutions will help you get your community solar projects subscribed without the burden of building out new management systems.

Our story

Part of a long history of eco-innovation
We're the tech-savvy brainchild of BlueWave Solar, a community solar B-Corp committed to sustainability and environmental justice. We're building on that vision with an automated matching platform that makes it easy to save on cleaner options.
  • 2010
    BlueWave Solar founded to expand access to renewable energy
  • 2013
    BlueWave Solar pioneers the first community solar project in Massachusetts
  • 2017
    BlueWave Solar achieves B-Corp certification: business as a force for good
  • 2017
    BlueWave Community Solar is launched to help solar farm owners with customer acquisition and management services.
  • 2021
    Perch Energy is born — accelerating access to community solar and clean energy to consumers and businesses.

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