Boston-based community solar company Perch Energy has been selected as a finalist for two The Cleanie Awards®.

Boston, MA - February 9, 2023 —Perch Energy (or "Perch"), a clean energy technology platform and fast-growing community solar services company connecting solar developers and consumers, has been recognized as a finalist for two The Cleanie Awards®, a leading awards program recognizing innovators in clean energy and highlighting the brands and thought leaders that are paving the way to a decarbonized future.

Perch was nominated as a finalist in the Company of the Year (Startup) category and the Woman of the Year category, with the latter honor going to Perch's Chief Operating Officer Sencelia Reynolds.

Perch's community solar platform brings the power of the sharing economy to solar power. Residents and businesses get matched and subscribed to a local solar farm that's owned by a third party—which generates direct savings off their energy bills while supporting a cleaner, greener electric grid. For renters, homeowners, small businesses, investment-grade companies and more—community solar increases access to state renewable energy incentives without having to own or install rooftop panels. To date, Perch has provided services for solar projects which have generated over 1 billion kWh of power, delivering exceptional value to solar project developers, owners, and subscribers.

Community solar is growing in numerous states, and there is momentum in extending its benefits to low-to-middle income households and communities which are often most impacted by the negative effects of climate change—and of rising energy costs. Perch believes that everyone should have access to the benefits of clean energy, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Perch's notable managed projects include portfolios in New York that will help more than 3,500 low-to-moderate-income residents save money from their community solar subscriptions. Additionally, many states have started to mandate that a certain percentage of community solar savings must go toward low-to-moderate-income communities—and Perch is already prepping for key upcoming projects in 2023 in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, and Maryland that are forecasted to serve over tens of thousands such customers by the end of 2023.

"It's an honor for Perch to be recognized by The Cleanie Awards® as a renewable energy innovator," said Bruce Stewart, Perch Energy President and CEO. "As a community solar technology platform and servicer, we're incredibly proud of the work we're doing to make it easier for all energy customers to save money off their bills and support clean energy development, especially when rooftop solar isn't an option. This Cleanies recognition is a strong testament to the impact community solar has in helping create a fair, just, and rapidly growing clean energy economy."

Sencelia Reynolds is Perch Energy's Chief Operating Officer and has been a driving force in scaling the company's operations to extend solar access and savings to a wide range of communities. She is guided by three key tenets: People, Process, and Systems. She believes no company can succeed if these are not working in unison to create the simplest, most cost-effective operating model that is equally beneficial to your company and those you're serving.

Reynolds has improved Perch's utility relationships, streamlined client services, managed new market expansion across multiple states, and driven customer satisfaction and customer care improvements. All of these operational advances have helped homeowners, renters, and businesses easily sign up for community solar subscriptions and support clean energy and save money.

"To be considered for Woman of the Year in The Cleanie Awards® is truly humbling," said Reynolds. "I'm grateful for the amazing team at Perch and the dedication we share for our mission to accelerate an equitable clean energy future. I am also inspired by my fellow female finalists who are helping their companies blaze a trail toward a decarbonized world."

"Sencelia is incredibly deserving of this award, and her leadership has been invaluable to Perch," said Stewart. "She is setting the standard not just for Perch, but for the growing clean energy industry."

About Perch Energy
Perch Energy is a Boston-based clean energy tech and services company that offers a diverse set of products and services for homeowners, renters, businesses, and solar farm owners. Perch provides a suite of services for renewable energy savings and incentives—from their community solar project support team for solar farm owners, dedicated to effective customer acquisition, onboarding, billing, and engagement—to its automated platform for residents and businesses helping them access the cost-saving benefits of clean energy.

Perch announced its launch as an independent company from BlueWave in early 2021, followed by a $7.2M Series A funding and the appointment of President and CEO Bruce Stewart in 2022.

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About The Cleanie Awards®
The Cleanie Awards® are a leading awards program recognizing innovators in clean energy and highlighting the leading brands and thought leaders that are paving the way to a decarbonized future.