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Subscribe to a local solar farm,  get rewarded by your state

To meet America’s renewable energy goals, states receive federal funding to incentivize more solar development—allowing solar project owners to pass on energy bill discounts to residents and businesses as a reward for helping reduce carbon emissions.

Community solar is free to join with no cancellation fee

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According to the

U.S. Department of Energy

: "Community solar is rapidly growing across the country. It allows everyone to benefit from solar energy, even if they can't put panels on a rooftop."


It pays to go green with community solar

Perch subscribes you to a local solar farm for free

Along with your friends, neighbors, schools, city hall, and your favorite restaurants.

It sends power to the electric grid

This helps lessen dependence on fossil fuels that pollute the environment.

You earn government-enabled credits toward your utility bill

The energy your solar farm generates turns into credits, awarded thanks to your state’s renewable energy incentives.

Pay for a percentage of the credits, get the rest as a discount

We pass your payment to the solar farm. You get the same utility bill with the remaining savings applied automatically!


Full transparency, no surprises—just savings

Check if there’s a solar farm in your area

Community solar is new to many states and doesn’t even exist in some. Input your zip code and our matching platform will look at availability near you.

Provide Perch your utility account information or an image of your bill

Your savings are in part dictated by your electricity usage. We analyze your historical usage so we know what size solar subscription you’ll need.

Add a way to pay (don’t worry, you still net out with savings over time)

You pay for a percentage of the credits your subscription earns, keeping the rest as a discount. Perch acts as the middleman, passing the payment along to the solar farm owner. For example, if you get $100 off your electricity bill, you may pay a separate bill to Perch for $90, resulting in $10 savings.

Get subscribed, start saving, and feel good about helping the planet

Perch gets to work, coordinating with the utility and solar farm owner to secure your spot—and lock in your long-term savings.

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perch dashboard

Check out the views from your Perch

Once subscribed, you’ll have a personalized, easy-to-use dashboard where you can see your savings and the positive impact of your solar farm, manage your account information, and chat with a member of the Perch customer care team.

Solar Farm

Solar power is the most abundant energy source on Earth. It's time everyone benefited.

Everyone has a place on this Perch. Get started now.