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During your subscription

How long does my subscription last?

The average lifespan of a solar farm is around 20 years. Your subscription allows you to stay on—and keep saving! If you do decide to cancel, there is no cancellation fee, though in some states we require at least 90 days written notice. It can also sometimes take a few months to get you off a project since we can only submit your cancellation request to the utility company during certain time periods throughout the year. So if you must cancel for any reason, give us a call far in advance.

What happens if I move?

If you move within the same utility area, you may be able to keep your community solar subscription if we can transfer it to your new address. If you’re planning to move, or have already, please call us at 888-893-3633 to inform us of your new address and what your new utility account number is. It’s important you inform us, otherwise your subscription will automatically be canceled after your old utility account has been closed.

If you move outside of your current utility’s service area or to a location where your utility company is changing (out of state, for example), there are two options. 1) We may have an open solar farm near your new address, so contact us ASAP to let us know where you’re moving and we could help you keep your community solar subscription. 2) If we cannot transfer your subscription to a new solar farm, we’ll have to cancel you from your current subscription. Please contact us so we can do so in a timely manner.

What if my electricity usage has changed?

Please let us know! Call our Customer Care team at 888-893-3633. It’s important we know about any major changes to your electricity usage because it could impact how many credits you’re able to receive from the solar farm each month. Give us a call if you anticipate your electric bill going up or down dramatically. Reasons for a significant increase could be more occupants at your household, extending your business operating hours, buying an electric car, etc. Reasons for a significant decrease could be fewer household occupants, installing more efficient energy systems or appliances, etc.
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