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Perch Energy

Who is Perch Energy?

Perch is a clean energy technology and service company helping people save money on their electricity bills. Our industry-leading community solar subscription platform subscribes residents and businesses to local solar farms, allowing them to receive federal- and state-enabled renewable energy incentives even if you can’t install rooftop solar panels. We’re not just a for-profit company, we’re for-purpose—transforming access to clean energy and making it more equitable for all. Learn more about Perch’s values and meet our team!

Where is Perch available?

Visit our How It Works page to see where Perch operates. To quickly see if we can serve your area, input your zip code. Community solar only exists in a handful of states right now. But Perch is actively monitoring legislation across the U.S. for when new states develop community solar programs—and we will be ready to serve those residents and businesses. While community solar has existed as far back as 2010 in Colorado, many states have only recently started to adopt community solar, having seen the benefit it brings to people and local communities. Utility participation and consumer awareness both remain low. Perch hopes to change that! And the government is pouring funding into solar development and increasingly passing pro-solar policies, so we expect major growth in the coming years.

How does Perch make money?

Perch makes money from the solar farm owners. They hire us to help bring on subscribers (like you!) and manage your community solar service, crediting, billing, and more for as long as you’re subscribed. Many solar project owners rely on Perch for the expertise, technology, and desire to provide these services. The good news is when you join a community solar program through Perch, we’re there for you and happy to answer any questions you have during your subscription!

Does Perch own the solar farms?

We don’t. Solar farms are usually owned by companies, firms, special entities, or in some cases the utilities themselves. Other companies hire Perch to help manage the subscriptions so that you receive savings off your bills.

Does Perch replace my utility company or electricity supplier?

No. While Perch works directly with your utility to provide you savings, we are not affiliated with your utility, we do not replace your utility, and we are not a third-party electricity supplier.
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